Real Estate

Belgian and international statutes concerning real estate are an exceptionally specialised matter. From deciding to develop a site or settling a liability ten years after the finished construction of a development, we are ready to assist you in any part of the process.

Project Development ­– As a developer or co-developer you are exposed to a great deal of risk in the phase just before closing a contract. As your legal partner, we strive to stipulate the right conditions, leaving you free to focus on your enterprise.

Building Contracts - Off plan sales, buy to lets, contractual liabilities between partners, real estate investment companies, each and every one of these legal constructions require a solid contractual foundation. We'll take care of all the legalities so that you can sleep soundly.

  • Project development
  • Building contracts
  • Co-ownership
  • Association of co-owners
  • Rental, sale, lease, ground lease
  • Securities and mortgage
  • Public procurement